Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Big Cheese (South Miami)

The Big Cheese is a local small business located in South Miami. This is an Italian restaurant with a full menu of pizza, pasta, and meat dishes. I have been going to the Big Cheese for awhile, especially as a young child. It is one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the area. Not only is the pizza amazing, their chicken Parmesan is also very good.

I would definitely call this place a family restaurant. There are always families with children eating there. They have a very wide range of Italian food so there is always something on the menu that everyone likes. The prices are pretty reasonable too. The Big Cheese sponsors a lot of local sports teams and fundraisers. The owners are very involved in the community.

On Tuesday night, my whole lacrosse team and I went to eat there the night before our game the next day. All 30 of the girls were very satisfied. We had an abundance of garlic rolls and ordered a few pizzas. Some of the girls also orders some pasta dishes, such as chicken Alfredo and baked ziti. Overall, it was a hit. The servers were patient with all of us and our food came out quick. I would reccomend this to anyone who is looking for an Italian restaurant in the nearby area.

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