Thursday, February 18, 2016

NaiYaRa (Miami Beach)

In close proximity to Lincoln Rd, NaiYaRa is an Asian Fusion restaurant that gives off a Bangkok feel.  I decided to eat here for my birthday this past Friday.  My family, friends, and I all loved it.  The menu was extremely unique and there were some pretty risky plates that I was skeptical to order.  The portions weren't that big so we ordered a few of each plate to feed all twelve of us.

We started off with some sushi roll appetizers.  We ordered a few spicy tuna and a few shrimp tempera rolls both with a twist that was out of the ordinary.  The tastes were spectacular.  My other favorite appetizer were the Sriracha chicken wings.  They were the perfect combination of sweet and spicy.  As for entrees, we ordered Pad Thai, Shrimp plates, Asian Style Steak, and Thai Dumplings.  My mom ordered a bunch of Thai Doughnuts
for the table to sing happy birthday to me.  The doughnuts were drenched in a banana nut sauce that melted in my mouth.  I would go back just for the doughnuts.

I would definitely consider this place a gourmet restaurant.  It is on the pricey side, but the food is very good quality and worth it.  I recommend eating here if you want to eat out in Miami and are willing to spend a little extra to get some great food.

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  1. Its not the first time hearing about this restaurant, my best friend told me about it a couple of weeks ago. She to raved about the thai doughnuts, I'm always wanting to try out different restaurants.