Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tacos and Tattoos (Kendall)

This family owned and operated Mexican restaurant features a tattoo shop atmosphere.  The inside is very dark and mysterious and has a grunge theme.  The waiters are young and hip looking people wearing all black.  The walls of this restaurant were all decked out in paintings that imitated tattoos.  It is a very trendy place to eat, preferably for dinner.

My mom and I decided to eat here this past week after hearing so many people rave about this place. The menu offers Mexican classics such as chips and salsa, tacos, and burritos.  I decided to try something different.  I ordered the Crispy Patacon which is a large fried plantain topped with fried queso fresco, salsa, lettuce, and a choice of protein; I chose chicken.  As for my mom, she ordered their Classic Burrito.  We ended up splitting our meals and loved the taste of both.

An interesting thing Tacos and Tattoos has to offer is a cup of honey on every table.  My mom and I asked the waiter about the honey and he explained that it can be put on all of their meals to lighten the spicy flavor.  We mixed it in our salsa and it was delicious.  I thought this place was very unique and really strayed away from a "typical" Mexican restaurant.

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  1. I actually went this weekend to tacos and tattos for the firs time. I try the chicken tacos and even thought I'm not a fan of spicy food, I found it great. However, my favorite dish was the Nutella donut. That, for sure would have me coming back. The restaurant has a nice theme which I enjoyed a lot.